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We adopted Molly in mid April 2010.  As you can see by the picture she has become part of our family.  Molly is the one in the middle.  Her pals are Parker (5 yr old lab mix) and Rusty.  Molly has found her forever home!

Lola and Starbuck are doing just fine.  They really enjoy playing together.  It's nice to see stodgy Starbuck loosen up with the exuberant Lola!  But Lola is an escape artist...she has found ways over, under (but not yet through!) our fence.  We are going to have to fortify our defenses! Starbuck is a truly wonderful dog!  He really is remarkable!  And Lola is sweet and needy (aren’t' they all?), and just beginning to settle down.  Give her a year and she'll be calm and relaxed and comfortable in her skin. They're two good dogs!  Thanks to all of you who work so hard at this. Julia

is doing GREAT!  She is a wonderful addition to our family. Thanks to both of you for your help in the process! Tracy B.

Fred is adorable--a very large puppy--with all that entails--fun and exasperating.  The kids love him.  He hasn't barked yet!  He loves to race around the yard and chew the kids' toys.  No malice at all.  Played happily with my nephew's 6 year-old lab mix.  Beautiful dog! We love him and could not imagine life without him. Once again thanks for your help!   Louise L.

Just wanted to write a quick note to say “Nicky”, now known as Maggie, is absolutely wonderful!  I picked her up Saturday the 22nd from the transport.  She has adjusted very well and very quickly.  She’s already learning the word “no” and her new name.  She is learning to walk on the leash and loves the big yard she has to play in.  She’s even been swimming in her little pool.  She’s very brave and we love her so much.  Thank you! Sandy

We are completely in love with our Lola (formerly known as Alia) thank you for all your help in setting up her adoption.  She's very smart and has already learned "sit", is doing pretty well with "wait" and "leave it". Crate training and housebreaking are going quite smoothly as well. She is such a great dog with a wonderful personality. Thank you again. Warmest regards, Paul

Things are great we couldn't be more in love with Sophie. She's a spoiled girl but hates her nails cut. She can never decide which toy to play with so she usually always has one in her mouth while she plays soccer with another. She loves attention and hates when anyone walks by her without saying hello. She sleeps in the middle of us on our bed; she's a big baby but also has the protective side in her which is a great feeling when it’s just me and her home.  Thank you again for everything you did to make sure Sophie stayed a part of our family. Heather.

Libby, a.k.a. Lady (4 yr. old collie mix from Knoxville, Tenn.) and is doing fine. She's adjusting to her new home and it's a little challenging to her since I also have an 8 yr. old cat. They're both slowly adjusting to each other but have a ways to go before being trusted alone together. Other than that Libby is finally confident going in and out to the backyard by herself without being led on a leash.  Like a little baby, each day brings new things. I look forward to gaining her trust and confidence to venture into more of life with us as time goes on. I am so proud she's mine and she is so loved by all the family.  I thank you all for the time and the love you put into these beautiful animals. Sincerely, Sheryl

Here's a picture of Molly aka Toryn.  Molly came into our home in mid April and has made herself at home.  She loves playing with her big brother Parker and her 2 cats Cleo and Rusty.  We are glad to have her in our family. Patti & Tom

We just want to tell you how happy we are with our rescue dog, Oscar.  He is a lab mix, about two years old.  We've had him since July.  He is happy and silly and loves our three boys as much as they love him.  He is also my walking buddy.  We go for hikes in the park almost daily.  He walks so nice on the leash and everyone wants to pet him.  People comment on how beautiful he is and want to know what breed he is.  I am so proud to tell them he is a mix and we rescued him!  Thank you so much for our cherished family member. Sincerely, The Butler family

I would like to start by thanking American Lab Rescue for bringing Samson (formerly Dylan) into our lives. In October of 2008 he became a part of our family, a much needed brother for our older black lab Hejduk. That 1st day was tough for our old boy; he wouldn't even make eye contact with our new little guy, but shortly after they had become best buddies. Now they are inseparable. Whether cuddling on the couch, taking their walks, swimming, or playing; they are side by side. Samson is such a intelligent, loving, well mannered little guy and we could not imagine our lives without him. The smiles he puts on our faces and the warmness that adds to our hearts is endless. Thank you from the bottom of our warm happy hearts.   Michael and Rebecca


Its Cody's two year anniversary and he's just a cute as ever.  He is very thankful that you rescued him and he knows he's a pretty lucky dog!

Hi Guys! Skippy is living the life!  He is the biggest baby in the world and we laugh every day about something cute or smart that he does.  We tell him every day that he is the best doggie in the world, cuz he is!  He loves to go on walks, visit other pups, sleep in our bed...he has never had an accident in the house, he is an angel and Vinny andI know we are very, very lucky.  Everyone who meets him loves him and can't believe how well behaved he is.  I even took him to my work, I'm a nurse at long term/rehabilitation facility and he did great.  Some of the patients keep asking when I'm going to bring Skippy back.  Our boat just went in the water so he hasn't been on yet.  Looking forward to bringing him down to the shore, tho!!!  Hope all is well, Thanks again!!!!  Rene

Rich keeps us very busy. He is quite the character, very loveable although my cat is not a fan, but she's warming up to him, slowly. Rich gets along fairly well with our other dog. The first couple of days Brady wanted nothing to do with him at first but now they are getting along. Every day after we get home from work we take them to the park and rich loves to run!!!! We also have changed his name to Dewey. My old lab was named Drew I use to call him "my little drewey" so I decided to name Rich after him, since he is just as sweet as Drew was. We love him! Thanks again Maryann

Trusty is just wonderful.  He is so loving.  He loves to give us kisses.  He has a lot of new toys to play with, loves to go on long walks with me and enjoys having his new best friend, our cat Mickey with him.  They get along great. Trusty is just what we were looking for to make our family complete. Kathy

Jane and Buddy are awesome!  Jane has been renamed to Sparkles by my 6 year old daughter... because her spirit sparkles :-).  She is coming out of her shell quickly and is already jumping all over me to play.  I am so not cut out to help as a foster.. LOL...  but I am very happy with my 'pack' and hope to help your organization in other ways in the future. Thank you for all that you do. Sincerely,Megan

Molly aka Toryn has arrived.  She is beautiful.  Thanks for taking such good care of her.  Right now she is outside playing with her big brother.  Soon she will have to come in to take a nap after her long ordeal.   We also met Tasha and Truman.  We all met at the lot and are trying to make a play date for the dogs. Patti

Four years ago in June we adopted a tri color collie named Cameron. Cameron was transported to Rhode Island. She was quite nervous at first, but with lots of TLC she has became a wonderful companion. Our dog, Tyler, died two years ago, so now we have Cameron and our twelve year old blue male, Payson. They are inseparable and look so gorgeous together. They literally turn heads. Payson is now blind and relies on Cameron to let him know where he is when out in open spaces. It took a while but Cameron now weighs fifty six pounds and is in excellent health. Her coat is long and silky and she has perfectly tipped ears. I teach dog obedience training and my husband has been taking Cameron to my advanced class this spring. She is a real hit with the other dogs and owners and, but definitely at the top of the class. I want you to know how happy we are with our little girl and to thank you for choosing us to provide her forever home. Sandra


We adopted Sasha in 2008 and a few weeks ago we adopted her brother Dylan...it only took a few days for this pair to learn to love each other...we could not be happier to have Dylan as a member of our family....thanks to his wonderful foster family Sue and Brian we were able to make the right decision for us and Sasha!  We are looking forward to a summer filled with lots of fun in the sun/water with our labs.

We adopted Oberon "Obi" in January and he has made our house a home again!  We cannot thank you enough for being the wonderful organization that you are!  He is everything you said he was and more.  He fit right into our home and gets along so well with everyone.  He is still a bit skittish at times, but every day is better and better for him.  He LOVES his long power walks in the morning with me and his playgroup with the neighbor labs after.  I would love to send you a photo of his cute face, but he is SO camera shy and turns away whenever we point a camera at him.  Here he is sleeping next to my desk while I work.  Soon enough he will be up and ready for more love and attention!  Thank you so much for filling our hearts and home with dog love again! Mary and Andy

To Everyone involved with this wonderful organization our family thanks you all so very much.  We had adopted Kodi last March from ALR down south.  Courtney in Florida had the very best pick for us…Kodi, a beautiful 3yr old Golden, he has made our love of dogs so much more then we knew.  We already had a 10yr old Sheppard mix that needed a friend after his buddy (Buddy 16yr old Sheppard mix) was sent to his resting place.  Well, they took on great after an adjustment period of about a week, now they just step on each other like a rug.  Seeing how much we loved Kodi it was time to look again, our family needed to help more.  We spotted a handsome 3 yr old chocolate lab on the website and instantly knew he was ours.  The day we contacted ALR about Dalton he had just been dropped off at the 8week prison program.  We decided to wait and what a long wait it was but well worth it. Dalton is some 100lb of chocolate love..when his tail wags the house shakes!  The 2 adoptees took on great, now they are best of friends along with the Max whom I might add keeps them in check. We tell everyone that ALR has changed our lives, Thank you again for sending us 2 wonderful additions to our family.

King is the best thing that ever happened to our family.  He has brought so much love and happiness into our house.  We take long walks with him and he loves retrieving balls in the park.  He especially loves long drives where he sits in the front seat and he always brings a smile to other driver's on the road.  Let's not forget the constant belly rubs and full on massages he receives from every family member he meets.  People always say where did you find such a handsome well-behaved dog, and we always say lab rescue. We feel that he is the son we never had. He is so wonderful with our new baby girl, king is the best older brother in the world.  He looks after her, and makes sure to give her kisses after she eats.  We are so grateful to have found lab rescue, an organization that truly cares about their dogs.  Warmest Regards, Nick, Melissa, Sophia and KING

Lola (we call her NOLA, for New Orleans, LA) is doing fine.  She's sweet, loving, and really wants to please.  It is so muddy in our yard, and Lola loves to run and run, and she and Starbuck come in absolutely covered...so of course am I, the floor, the rugs, their beds and so forth.  NOLA learned quickly the first night that she couldn't sleep on the bed, and she also learned to wait at the top of the stairs until all the people were down before she comes down.  She's a good girl.  I was trimming Starbuck's toenails last night and I looked over and my husband had NOLA in his lap!  He thinks she's a real love, and she has taken a shine to him, too. NOLA and Starbuck continue to get along fine. Thanks for all your help. Julia

Ryan's been with us now since his arrival on Sat. and he is absolutely priceless. He is fitting in with as perfect as it could be. The training from Dawgs in prison really shows in his behavior. He has a wonderful attitude and is a true success for what you do. Thank you for bringing him into our family. Sincerely, Greg, Brenda, and Ryan



Cooper arrived safe and sound.  He is so sweet.  He explored his new home and we went for a long walk in the backyard.  He ate breakfast and drank his water.  I just put him in his crate hoping that he will sleep a little bit. Please thank everyone so much and assure them Cooper arrived safely and will have a great home. Carol


We picked up Patsy yesterday.  The family decided to rename her "Penny".  She is adorable and fit very well into the family.  She was actually asleep with my 18 year old cat on our bed last night.  Penny & Bear have been playing like crazy and enjoying each other's company. Thank you for everything. Best Regards Stephanie

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