Success Stories

Thank you so much for rescuing our Abby for us. We adopted her in Sept 07 and she is just the best girl! Here is a photo taken on one of our daily walks at the park. She is such a happy girl and we love her to pieces!

is doing so well and we are all in love with him. He gets alot of exercise, loves the doggy park, and loves treats (doggy and human). We adore him and he is so easy to take care of. He is playful and calm at the same time. He sleeps through the night and wakes me in the a.m. to go out.  Thanks to American Lab Rescue for recommending this superb little soul to us.

We adopted Brady last November.  He came to New England from Alabama and has never looked back!!  What a perfect fit.  He is beyond wonderful.  From the moment he stepped foot in our Cape Cod home he has been a complete love.  He is by far the smartest dog in the world!!  He was a birthday gift for my husband's 60th Birthday and what a pair!  He will go and get "Daddy" for dinner if he is down stairs in his office.  He will bring things to daddy when I tell him and so on and so on.  He hangs with me during the day while Daddy is at work but boy when he hears that car come in the driveway look out!  We just love him to death!  I wish everyone could experience the love and affection one can received from a rescue!

Here’s Milo relaxing at home. We adopted him from American Lab Rescue in May of 2009.  We love him so much. And he just fits in so well at our home. Thank you to everyone that had a part in saving and fostering him. He is such a happy dog and so affectionate with everyone. He is gentle and respectful of our older dog and he has the best manners.

I wanted to tell you how Jackson is doing. We could not be more pleased with him. He is a PURE delight. He has adapted to our home and its daily grind very, very well. No potty accidents, no problems with Gypsy (our yellow Lab). He is such a good boy! It took about 2 weeks, till Gypsy decided she really liked him, and could play with him. One night we sat on the couch watching TV, and out came Gypsy from the bedroom, w/tennis ball in her mouth. She walked right up to Jackson, and dropped it at his feet challenging him, or inviting him to play, and ever since that moment...she plays often (for being 11) with him. We really love him a lot!!

is the happiest dog ever and so is Mary Richards (his sister) and the rest of the family. Ever since I picked him up last Sunday night after his ride through the Blizzard of 2009, he has been a joy. Mary loved him instantly and they have been fast friends ever since. Thank you guys for all that you do and thank you for letting me give this wonderful boy a place in my heart and my home.

The first couple of days with Autumn were a little stressful, but for me only! The dogs got along great right from the start. I think she is just what our other dog Shannon needed! They play like puppies and get a good 2 hours of wrestling/running/tug-o-war in each morning in the backyard after they have their breakfast. Then they are exhausted and snooze on and off the rest of the day until they get their second wind. Autumn loves the kids and sleeps in my daughter's bed almost every night. Thank you all for finding her and taking such good care of her. We love her and she will be treated like a princess for the rest of her life.

In April 2009 I adopted Seamus (previously called Sol). It was love at first sight for both of us. Seamus fit right into the family right away (even though the cat didn't think so at first). Seamus has been my guardian angel now for 8 months and it feels like he has always been a member of the family. He is sweet, gentle and just wants to be at my side at all times. Seamus loves his oversized chair and if he isn't in it, then he is on the rug in his typical pose. . .on his back and legs in the air. He also loves to go for car rides and generally believes that where ever I go, he is supposed to follow. He truly is a blessing. I am so grateful to ALR for bringing me together with my soul dog. I will forever be in your debt.

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how glad my husband and I are that we adopted Chloe through the American Lab Rescue in October! She is the happiest, sweetest little girl who is a huge people pleaser! She has settled in nicely with our other dog, a Chihuahua named Peanut, and the two of them with their toys for hours! She loves car rides with us, and she even has made friends we meet at the local dog park on weekends. She's not too keen on the cold weather though! We couldn't be happier with the newest addition to our family. Thank you to all of the staff and volunteers at American Lab Rescue for bringing Chloe to us!

We adopted Toby on April 17, 2009.  He came to us in CT from LA by way of TN.  He just turned 1 year in September and is a happy, healthy young "man". We are pretty sure he doesn't realize he is a dog since he seems to "talk" to us.  He makes different sounds for different requests, like going outside, playing fetch, or his favorite, wrestling with the kids.  He makes us laugh every day!  He is very much at home with his own bed in our master bedroom and he greets the kids every morning for school by "knocking" (swiping his paw) on their door until they open it and waiting in their bed for them to return from their morning showers. Today was Toby's first experience with SNOW.  It was the funniest thing to watch.  He did not want to go outside at all at first however nature's call forced the issue.  Once he got outside and saw he could walk in the snow...he was crazy!  His nose was in the snow constantly and getting him to come in was not as easy as usual.  He would have stayed out in the snow storm all morning if I let him! Toby has been a wonderful addition to our family and we look forward to many more years of fun and laughter with him!

My husband and I adopted Raphael last September when he was only 9 months old. Our main reasons for adopting were for companionship and we loved the idea of providing a much needed "forever home".  I saw Raphael's picture on line and immediately fell in love...he was literally "smiling". I showed the pic to my husband and we were quickly on our way to becoming new "parents". Raphael has truly enriched our lives in so many ways. Sometimes we call him "Happy Jack" because he is just soooo happy! He makes us soooo happy too! How many people can honestly say they wake up "happy" every single day?  Raphael wakes up happy every single day....he loves us unconditionally and he loves his life with us....and we love our lives with him "unconditionally"!! Thank you American Lab Rescue for letting Raphael "adopt" us! Donna, Joe and Raphael!!!

Here is Ace. He has grown so much since we got him at 10 weeks old.  He is such a happy guy who loves everyone and everything! He walks great on a leash and loves to go for car rides. He adores my daughter- they are best of friends. Ace is about 6 months old now and we got him from a high kill shelter in VA. His foster mom was great and took awesome care of him. Ace is about 35-40lbs and is pretty mellow for his age.... he loves to fetch and enjoys going to dog daycare and spending time with us!

Well we have had Selena for a week now and she is settling in quite nicely. She is really smart and we think she will do great in dog obedience class, which she starts next week.  She has a 4 month old adopted brother named Alfie.  What were we thinking.....two new dogs at once, but  Selena is just as much a puppy as Alfie, because of her lack of prior training, so why not train both at the same time. Selena is really a sweet dog, she just loves to chase or be chased by Alfie, who is about half her size and weight but is getting good at lying in ambush and cutting her off at the pass....she is so fast!  Selena retrieves naturally at anything we toss for her and finishes with a sit at the end. Who would have thought this wild and crazy lady that leaped out of the transport with me in tow at the other end of the leash, would be such a sweet, intelligent dog! Thanks, Steve and Nancy

Miss Raleigh arrived in July and quickly settled into her new home, welcoming the addition of Toby a golden Retriever rescuer in August.  Both dogs returned to school with me in the fall as planned -- we had lost our last school dog in May and had especially chosen Miss Raleigh and Toby to be our next ones.  Right from the beginning they were perfect and took to their jobs as friends and supporters very quickly.  They receive much love in return as you can imagine. The kids have learned a lot about caring for big dogs and accepting some of their special idiosynchrasies.  Every day at snack comes the question, "May I give Miss Raleigh a treat today?"  "Can I give Toby's?"  We at The Phoenix School are so happy that we were able to give Miss Raleigh a new home when she is loved dearly. Betsye

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to update you on Madison that was adopted from you on Feb 1, 2009.  She has been a real delight and a welcome addition to your family, although we did forget how much work a puppy is! Thanks so much for all the great work you do!  Special thanks to Lisa for fostering our Madison for a night on her way up to our home from Tennessee. Vicki

I thought you would like to see what a fine young man Sammie is turning into. He had his first swim at Ocean City a few weeks ago. He loves to chase birds as you can see. He spends hours outside waiting for a shadow to chase. Also, we opened the pool two weeks ago it took him a little while to figure out what happened to the green cover he has been running across for the past 6 months but he is good to go. He is jumping off the side to chase his toys. We got him a rubber mat so he wouldn't hurt his legs. He has been sleeping up in our room on his orthopedic bed that sits next to Peyton's. They get along very well. He loves to have Peyton clean his ears. He is very high strung and full of energy. It takes a lot to tire him out. Thank god he likes to swim. Cindy

Calvin has been doing wonderful! When he first came up and got home to Maine, he wasn’t so sure about all the white stuff we had on the ground. He quickly came to love playing in the snow; especially when his buddies next door would come over and they could run and jump around in the backyard full of it. He’s also quite fond of his four sisters (cats). He’s very respectful of their different idea of playing most of the time and is always a gentleman when the he and the girls are coming in from the yard. Calvin loves to go for rides no matter how long or short.  One of his favorites is to the nearby beach and park to run on the trails or sand. The other is when he goes to doggie daycare a couple days during the week. We’re looking forward to getting up to our camp this summer to give him some swim time in the lake and make some more friends. As you’ll see in a couple of pictures, he loves to nap and sleep on his backside. Apparently this helps him grow. Every other morning we wake up, look at him and just say “ He grew again.” Keep up the great work and say hello to everyone from Calvin!

I adopted Garrick.  I did change his name and he now goes by Boomer.  He is doing great and growing very quickly!  He went to the vet last week and got a clean bill of health.  We are starting puppy training class on Saturday, so we're pretty excited.
Thanks again for everything!! 

Thanks so much, Natalie

We just wanted to let you know that Charlie arrived safe and sound on Saturday afternoon along with about 70 other precious dogs. We waited with about 100 other adoptive and foster parents, eagerly anticipating their arrival. It was so emotional and many tears were shed. It is really hard to explain how much love you feel for these dogs even before you have a chance to meet! Charlie came running down the ramp and immediately covered us with sweet, golden kisses. He is the sweetest, gentlest and most wonderful dog. We had a stuffed frog (we call them woobies) in the back of the car........Charlie jumped in, picked up the woobie and didn't put in down until we got home.

We showed him all around the house and he met Suki the kitty and we're sure they are going to be best buddies very soon.  We just hung out at home on Saturday night and watched TV. Charlie made himself at home and claimed his favorite spot on the couch! We bought him a brand new bed from LL Bean with his name on it but he hasn't gotten the hang of sleeping on a comfy bed yet....he still prefers to curl up in a little ball on the floor. He does seem to like the wall to wall carpeting, upstairs in the bedrooms. The one secret Charlie is holding back on is his voice! He hasn't made a sound yet and we are anxiously waiting to hear him bark or growl or just make some noise! We just wanted to let you know that he is doing great and we love him so much! He really is the most loving dog and we are cherishing every moment with him! Everyone we encounter all agree that he would make a fabulous pet therapy dog.

Thank you so much for everything you did to help find Charlie his forever home. We are so grateful for all the work that you do as well as the other volunteers with American Lab Rescue. Sincerely, Julie, Susan, Suki Kitty and extra special golden kisses from Charlie

Our little girl is happy and healthy.  We love her so much!
Thanks again!

Lily aka Lilliana

She is doing really good! We love her so much. She sleeps in bed and has her own little spot on the couch. She is also going to puppy kindergarten. 

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