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I surprised my girlfriend last May when I adopted Ace. He was listed as a 67lb male, but when I met him he was much larger 87lbs! He actually pulled the guy off the transport truck and we immediately bonded. I’m 6’4, 290lbs and Ace is a lean, mean 97lbs now so we go together perfectly.  Ace is extremely mellow and very well behaved.

When Ace came, my mother and I were sharing a house where she would stay a few nights a week. Before he came, my mother was very against having the dog but became attached to him much quicker than I did. She babied him a lot and would give him extra treats when I wasn’t looking. Mom was very fond of taking him to the local dog park where he could run around in the fence and be free. A few months ago, I woke up to my mother having trouble breathing, and before I called the ambulance she told me to make sure Ace went out and that he was okay. This goes to show how much he meant to her and how he truly was “her buddy.”  Mom died later that morning, and I have since moved out of the house, but each day I look at Ace, I am reminded of how much she loved him and how much he has changed our lives for the better.  I rescued him and he is now rescuing us.  I couldn’t imagine my life without him.

Just thought I'd let you know that Keri is doing very well and adjusting to family life perfectly. She loves the kids and Archie and has made herself very much at home. She has a sweet disposition and is very laid back! She walks beautifully and stays right alongside Archie like they've been together forever. She is a wonderful addition!
Keep up the wonderful work you do with your program!

J. Looney



Just a line and pictures to tell you Connor is doing great. We’ve had him since April 9 and he is doing fantastic and we love him dearly. We were just on vacation for a week and he did great! We are starting training classes again on Thursday, he is so smart and it is good for him to use his brain and get some exercise. Thank you,

Norma T


We just want to say that our Daisy Lou is a wonderful, beautiful girl. She has adjusted very well to her New England home and when she came to us on March 5th, there was still snow on the ground. She loved it!!! We were wondering how she would react, being that she was a Lousiana gal. She was timid in a few things, especially stairs, but she is now over those fears. She is so well behaved and has wonderful manners. She gets along very well with her feline sister and when they do not think we are watching, they are playing and having fun. She is a big girl but with a bigger heart. Thank you again for our wonderful experience. Your Rescue and volunteers, should be commended in the fantastic job that was done for us and for all those four legged friends that need love and homes.

Deb & Rick A

Hello! We picked up our new furry child, Brynn, at an April 2011 transport. As described by her foster mom, Courtney, Brynn is an angel. Brynn sat in the back seat and enjoyed the ride to her new home. Since arriving at our home, Brynn is such a joy-our other ALB rescue, Bubba, was kind of sad and depressed since the loss of his big brother, Sonny. Well, Bubba is the happiest dog now; he has a little sister to play outside with him. Bubba and Brynn are total opposites in size and color, but give all of us 1000% unconditional love--but what is even cuter is watching Bubba be a gentleman and wait for Brynn before they reenter the house. Brynn tends to be a bit of a lap dog at times, but we love it. Brynn has adapted to our household routine so well; it is as if she has lived with us from day one. The best thing is after a long day at work, is coming home to those endless wagging tails. Thanks ALR for expanding our family....again.


I am checking in about Frisco. We have renamed him Rocky so that is the name I will refer to him from now on. He is a great dog and we love him very much. Rocky is a love, the transition has been seamless for the most part. We are crate training him and he has been doing very well with it and also doing well with potty training.


We picked up Hank last Saturday. All is well. It took a few days for him to settle in, but I think he understands he is now in his forever home. A little separation problems, but we have been working with him all week and he is doing much better. His new big sister Emma is in love with him, and his new little brother and sister (Mac & Chelsea, terriers) love him, but think he needs to lay down more! Hank is high energy all the way. He went to doggie daycare on Thursday. Met a lot of new friends there and loved it!
He is a total sweet heart!  Thank you to all the volunteers at American Lab Rescue. Courtney, Krislyn, Donna, David and Karen were wonderful.

Sincerely Bonnie & Mark H

As I predicted Caren is wonderful! The last two days have been great and she's been good with the cats. Therefore we what to keep her and officially adopt her. Is there anything else we need to do? Thanks again!

Meg, Carl and Lila (Caren) S.

Libby a Florida rescue at her new home in Vermont. She started jumping off the deck into the lake all by herself, and can hardly keep her out of the water now.

Hi ALR, I just had to share this pic! it amazes me.. his Collie instincts are so strong! Turner watches over my goats..they love him! he also sleeps under the rabbit hutch sometimes..he is such a great dog,,still turns in circles now and then, but usually just when he'a excited... he loves having a job to do..so glad we found each other! hope you are well! thanks again for all you do!!

Kathy G.

We would like to thank American Lab Rescue for giving us "O'Malley". He is the love of our lives!!! He came to us completely trained and has been the most loyal, protective and loving dog in the world. Great with Children! Great with every family member! Can't thank you enough!!!!!

Susan M.

I couldn't be happier! I adopted Brooke (aka Koda) a few weeks ago (3/26/11), and she has found her true home. She is the best dog/puppy I've ever had or seen. She is such a happy, playful, obedient, and behaved dog. Besides a few dirt digging incidents... She is AWESOME! Thanks again Courtney and American Lab rescue. I have also recommended a lot of people to ALR.  So cute!

All the best,

We picked up Greyson in the end of February, and have been in love with him ever since. He is amazing in the house where he switches between trying to win over the cat and chewing on his toys. Outside, he is unstoppable. He will fetch until he is ready to fall over, and loves anything that involves being outside. His absolute favorite thing ever though is the pond. It’s impossible to keep him out. He will even go into a rowboat with us (although he won’t stay in for long!) He is everything we could have ever asked for, and we are so grateful to your organization for making him appear in our lives.

Jen and Chris from CT.

My fiancé and I adopted Benny in January 2011. We did change his name, he goes by "Baxter" now. He is the sweetest puppy in the whole world! He has made our little family complete! He is very active in our yard and really enjoys taking walks in our neighborhood. He has made many new friends and family! Thank you so much for letting us adopt our sweet boy couldn't imagine life without him!

S. Collins

Brady is awesome! He slept on the car ride home in between the two kids and perked up about 15 minutes before we got home. He climbed in front with me anxiously looking out the window at his new neighborhood.  He met friends, neighbors, grandparents and other doggies.  He went pee and poop outside twice! He is eating and drinking normally and enters his crate on his own.  Brady is such a love of a puppy. We are very happy with our new boy! Thank you and Jackie for everything!

All the best from Kelly, Tom Aidan and Samantha

I wanted to let you know Hailey is doing great!! Yesterday was a very busy day for her. The long car ride home she kept looking at me with "those eyes" where are you taking me? When we arrived home she was so excited to be in a yard! Even more excited to be in a home!!  She loves to retrieve balls or toys (and she's fast). She just kept jumping around with so much excitement to be playing!! We went for a walk, and she is great on a leash. She is very well trained; she knows sit, stay, drop, down, No, lay down. She is also very gentle. She does crave attention and just wants to be loved.  She is getting lots of love from my family. She is very affectionate to everyone. Joyce S.

My husband and I are Sofia's new forever parents.  She is so cute and a perfect pal for our pup Bella Rose, Victor and I. Our vet comes to our house, and said they look like bookends. Several neighbors asked if they were sisters. Thanks for all you've done to get her to us. Our pets are like our second round of children and are so precious. Have a great day, Louise and Victor in MA

Tucker (previously known as Harrison) is the sad looking puppy on the "Donations" link on your Home page. He came to us at 5 mo. old in May '09, and no longer has that sad puppy face! He is smart and friendly and a wonderful addition to our family. Thank you for rescuing him and helping him find his "forever home" with us!

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