Our Mission Statement

The mission of the American Lab Rescue is to help prevent pain and cruelty, to place all adoptable animals in suitable homes, with the goal of zero euthanasia.

Our Goal is to help these homeless dogs, no matter their ages find loving homes and get a second chance at life.  The shelters, humane societies and rescuers we work with are all dedicated to help these animals get a second chance at life.


American Lab Rescue, Inc. (“ALR”) is a non-profit corporation that focuses on rescuing primarily Labrador Retrievers and Labrador mixes from the southern states and find these dogs homes here in the Northeast.  Our rescue focus states are Louisiana, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, and Texas.  We also rescue dogs from the Northeast when possible. These intakes however are primarily through owner surrenders.

We have a strong network of dedicated volunteer rescuers who have made it part of their life to rescue these dogs.  They ask for nothing in return other than reimbursement of the veterinary medical costs and a loving home for the dogs they rescue.  It is cost effective to vet these animals in the south as the cost in some circumstances is 75% less than in the northeast. ALR focuses on the southern states because in the northeast there are numerous humane centers and groups that are available to assist these dogs.  In the south there are few local advocates that protect these same animals.

It is approximated that in the south is there are over 200,000 dogs destroyed per year in which almost 50% are Labrador Retrievers and Labrador mixes. ALR understands that we cannot save every dog in the south; however, we can save a good number of them.

Overview of Our Organization

American Lab Rescue is an all volunteer organization. It has no paid employees or salaried officers. We receive no funding from local, state or federal governments. We have no shelter facilities at this time; all animals are fostered in volunteers’ homes or held at local kennels before finding permanent homes. Operating expenses are supported by adoption fees and tax deductible, voluntary contributions from the public. All money received is used solely for the animals