Hello! We picked up our new furry child, Brynn, at an April 2011 transport. As described by her foster mom, Courtney, Brynn is an angel. Brynn sat in the back seat and enjoyed the ride to her new home. Since arriving at our home, Brynn is such a joy-our other ALB rescue, Bubba, was kind of sad and depressed since the loss of his big brother, Sonny. Well, Bubba is the happiest dog now; he has a little sister to play outside with him. Bubba and Brynn are total opposites in size and color, but give all of us 1000% unconditional love–but what is even cuter is watching Bubba be a gentleman and wait for Brynn before they reenter the house. Brynn tends to be a bit of a lap dog at times, but we love it. Brynn has adapted to our household routine so well; it is as if she has lived with us from day one. The best thing is after a long day at work, is coming home to those endless wagging tails. Thanks ALR for expanding our family…again.